Blue’s en•CORE 200 is an active dynamic stage vocal microphone — a moving-coil dynamic mic in a traditional handheld form factor, with an onboard amplifier circuit that requires 48V phantom power.

The mic’s sensitivity is 2.25 mV/Pa, 3–4 dB hotter than the en•CORE 100 and Shure SM58.

The 200’s frequency and polar response graphs are nearly identical to the enCORE 100’s, suggesting that the primary difference between the mics is the onboard amplifier circuitry. (According to Pro Audio Review, the mics’ capsules are identical.) Both mics have -3dB points around 65Hz and 12kHz, and a polar response that tends toward omni below 125Hz and toward hypercardioid above 4kHz.

The output impedance of the enCORE 200 is 25Ω, among the lowest we’ve seen, making this microphone a great pick when long cable runs are required. (The enCORE 100’s output impedance is 250Ω.)

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